PARAGRAMM     — is a research studio about specifications, codes, patents, and other regulatory documents associated with the production of architecture.

Specs Studio is a graduate research studio in the Department of Architecture (DoArch) at South Dakota State University. The studio is led by Jessica Garcia Fritz and Federico Garcia Lammers, who also coordinate B-A-R-F, an online teaching platform about the buidling arts. Specs Studio combines Federico’s Forensics Studio pedagogy with Jessica’s Specifications based research. Course organization, scope, and structure is collected on a supplemental website: doarchspecs2020

The Specs Studio is a combination of precedent study, professional practice, and speculative research. Without making design proposals, students focus on the consequences of *building* through the study of underexamined written documents, such as, specifications, patents, codes, policies, etc. Students study these types of documents to visualize and tell architectural stories that expand knowledge of architectural labor.